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The primary role of the Board of Directors is to supervise and be the voice of DCMA, balancing short-term operational excellence with sustained long-term success. The Board is responsible for corporate governance, establishing policies and objectives, and the management of DCMA’s resources. The Board has a strong commitment to high standards of corporate governance. Its five members bring a proven track record across a broad range of experience at the policymaking level, including investor relations, finance, planning, operations, credit and market risk, and other areas vital to DCMA’s business.

A Message from the Chairman & CEO

“DCMA takes pride in consistently putting our clients first by developing the skills and strategic solutions needed to offer them the best services in any business environment. The past few years have created unique opportunities for us as a firm to add greater value for our employees, clients (new and existing) and communities. Our strengths lie in the capabilities, expertise, and solidarity of every DCMA employee, and we will continue to foster a culture that works together to solve clients’ needs, while also committing to the sustainable growth of the economy and society in which we operate. Enriching our company culture through various initiatives and ensuring its positive impact within the office and our greater community is a value we hold high. We look forward to building on our past successes and helping to spark the change and innovation needed to build a stronger tomorrow.”

– Naoki Suzuki, Chairman & Keiji Machida, President & CEO

Naoki Suzuki


Keiji Machida

President & CEO

Nicholas C. Rubino

Vice Chairman & COO

Stewart M. Scott III

Chief Administrative Officer

Gaku Aizawa

Chief Strategy Officer

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