Corporate History

Who We Are


Daiwa Capital Markets America Inc. is ultimately owned by Daiwa Securities Group Inc., one of the largest brokerage and financial services groups in Japan.

Founder: Seibei Fujimoto Location at that time: Yokobori, Higashi-ku, Osaka

Fujimoto Bill Broker began with the aim of establishing itself as a full-fledged, British-style bill broker that would eventually find a niche for itself in the intermediation of funds between financial institutions and business corporations. Since its inception, the company has expanded its business and established a position in the call market based on the procurement of funds from the call market and self-accounting purchase of bills.

Call money markets of that time, as a general rule, were secured by government bonds from call money vendors, and in other cases, financing was received from banks. Given this, securities companies were, for the most part, positioned as members within specified bank groups. However, as the company had the capability to procure sufficient capital from call money markets, there were only nominal relationships with banks, which led to the independence of Daiwa Securities that was to come.


Commenced operation as Fujimoto Bill Broker (later changed to Fujimoto Securities Co. Ltd.)


Established representative office in New York


Acquired license in Japan to conduct securities trading


Established Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd. in Japan by the merger of Fujimoto Securities Co. Ltd. and Nippon Trust Bank


Japan’s first issuance of convertible bonds


Overseas division established to introduce Japanese investment products to overseas investors


Established representative office in New York / Established Daiwa Asset Management Co. Ltd.


Established Daiwa Securities America Inc. in New York which opened offices on the 31st floor of the Equitable Building at 120 Broadway


Daiwa Securities America Inc. registered as broker-dealer and became a member of National Association of Securities Dealers


Daiwa Securities America Inc. acquired New York Stock Exchange membership


Daiwa Securities America Inc. became a Primary Dealer in US Treasury Securities


Daiwa Securities America Inc. relocates to new office at 32 Old Slip


Opening of San Francisco Branch at 555 California Street


Daiwa Securities America Inc. becomes Daiwa Capital Markets America Inc. or “DCMA”


Daiwa Capital Markets America Inc. celebrates its 50th Anniversary in the US


Acquisition of Sagent Advisors and Signal Hill Holdings LLC to form a new North American-focused M&A advisory firm called DC Advisory (integrated in March 2018)